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The simplest way to add a balance of sweet and sour flavors to your creations!

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LorAnn’s Encapsulated Citric Acid is the key ingredient to your sour-coated confections like gummies, licorice, jellies, lollipops, and other sour confections.

Citric acid is derived from citrus fruits like lemons and limes and is wildly used in gummies and other sour candies for that zesty, pucker power while still balancing out sweet flavor profiles with the acidity. It’s perfect for confectioners looking for a sweet, tarty, and zesty component to their fruity confections or in their citrus goods like lemon or lime curd, or their citrus frostings or buttercreams. Citric acid is a great alternative for vegan bakers to help improve the leavening or rising of their baked goods without the use of egg or butter and will also add a tangy flavor to breads or baked goods. 

This natural acid is coated with a non-reactive fat layer which prevents unwanted chemical reactions, like standard, unencapsulated acids will cause inversion of the sugar, causing the candy to melt or “sweat.” Encapsulated acids are designed to not interact with other ingredients and provide a burst of sour impact when one is eating the food.


Typical Uses:   

Most confectionary applications where a sour taste profile is desired such as sour gummies or candy.  Other uses include:, application to dried fruit, seasoning blends, bakery products, and cocktail rims.

Usage Tips:  

For Gummies:  LorAnn’s encapsulated acids can be mixed directly with sugar.    The mixture can be easily applied to the surface of the gummies that have been slightly steamed.

For Hard Candy:  Sprinkle the encapsulated acid onto the candy while still warm. Mixing with sugar is not recommended as this can cause candy to become soft (inversion).

For Cocktail Rims: Blend with sugar or salt for a more pleasant/controlled sour experience.


Encapsulation melt-point: 56-60C or 122-144F




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