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Wintergreen Oil (Gaultheria procumbens) from LorAnn Oils is a pure, natural essential oil cherished for its powerful mint flavor and invigorating aroma. This high-quality wintergreen essential oil is not only a fantastic flavoring agent but also widely used in aromatherapy for its muscle-relieving properties.

Specialty: Alcohol Free
Specialty: Kosher
Specialty: Dairy Free
Specialty: Essential Oil
Specialty: GMO-Free
Specialty: Halal Suitable
Specialty: Natural Flavors
Specialty: No Artificial Colors
Specialty: Nut-Free
Specialty: Sugar-Free
Specialty: Vegan

Item Details

  • Food grade
  • Steam distilled
  • Quality tested and lot-coded for quality assurance and tracking
  • No animal testing

Uses of Wintergreen Essential Oil

1. Culinary Applications:

  • Flavoring: Wintergreen essential oil is known for its potent mint flavor, making it an excellent addition to a variety of culinary creations. Its strong, fresh taste is perfect for candies, chocolates, and baked goods. However, due to its potency, it should be used sparingly.
  • Chocolates and Coatings: Ideal for adding a minty kick to chocolates and coatings. The typical use is 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon per pound, providing a delightful, refreshing flavor.

2. Aromatherapy:

  • Muscle Relief: Wintergreen oil is renowned for its ability to penetrate and relieve muscle discomfort. When used in massage oils or balms, it helps soothe sore muscles and joints, making it a popular choice for athletes and individuals with muscle pain.
  • Invigorating Aroma: The strong, minty scent of wintergreen oil can help invigorate the senses and improve mental clarity. It is often used in diffusers to create an energizing atmosphere.

3. Personal Care:

  • Pain Relief: Wintergreen oil contains methyl salicylate, which has analgesic properties. It can be added to topical creams and ointments to help relieve pain from conditions such as arthritis and muscle strains.
  • Skin Care: With its antiseptic properties, wintergreen oil can be used in small amounts to help treat minor skin irritations and infections.

4. Household:

  • Natural Freshener: The crisp, clean aroma of wintergreen oil makes it an excellent natural air freshener. Use it in homemade cleaning solutions or add a few drops to a spray bottle with water to freshen up your home.

Benefits of Wintergreen Essential Oil

  1. Powerful Flavor and Aroma: Wintergreen oil's strong mint flavor and aroma make it a standout choice for both culinary and aromatherapy applications.
  2. Muscle Relief: Known for its penetrating, muscle-relieving properties, wintergreen oil is a go-to for alleviating muscle and joint discomfort.
  3. Natural Pain Reliever: With its analgesic properties, wintergreen oil provides natural pain relief for various conditions, including arthritis and muscle strains.
  4. Antiseptic Properties: Wintergreen oil can help treat minor skin irritations and infections, promoting overall skin health.
  5. Invigorating and Refreshing: The invigorating scent of wintergreen oil can boost mental clarity and create an energizing environment.


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