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The lighter-than-air cotton candy flavor takes you back to care-free days filled with sunshine, laughter, and treats made of spun sugar.

Specialty: Alcohol Free
Specialty: Kosher
Specialty: Dairy Free
Specialty: GMO-Free
Specialty: Halal Suitable
Specialty: No Artificial Colors
Specialty: Nut-Free
Specialty: Sugar-Free
Specialty: Vegan

Item Details

Bring the fun of the county fair right into your kitchen! You can savor the sweetness of this cotton candy flavor extract by adding it to cookies, cupcakes, cakes, frostings, drinks, and ice cream. Indulge in nostalgia with our Cotton Candy Flavor Extract – a sweet symphony of spun sugar delight in every drop!

1 dram = about 1 teaspoon


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Sweet Essence of Innovation: My First Encounter with LorAnn’s Cotton Candy Flavor 6/16/2024
Embarking on my flavor journey with LorAnn's **Cotton Candy Flavor** has been a delightful revelation. As someone who only recently discovered LorAnn's through a recipe, I approached my first order with curiosity and excitement. The moment the product arrived, I dove in with enthusiasm, and I must say, the experience has been nothing short of amazing. What stands out to me is not just the enchanting flavor that truly captures the quintessential cotton candy taste, but also LorAnn's commitment to inclusivity and health-conscious practices. The fact that this flavor is **gluten-free**, **keto-friendly**, and **nut-free**, resonates deeply with my personal values and dietary preferences. Incorporating LorAnn's Cotton Candy Flavor into my products has elevated them significantly, offering a unique taste experience that is both indulgent and guilt-free. It's a game-changer for anyone passionate about crafting exceptional culinary delights. I wholeheartedly recommend LorAnn's to anyone seeking to infuse their creations with pure, vibrant flavors. Trust me, your taste buds will thank you! 🌟
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