Making Hard Candy with Molds and Without

How To Make Hard Candy Without Molds

Instead of using molds, you can pour your hot candy onto a greased cookie sheet or other heat-resistant surface, then when the candy has cooled slightly, score it into a checkerboard pattern with a sharp knife. When the candy cools, it can be broken into small, square pieces.

Other alternatives include cutting the warm candy with well-oiled scissors or pouring the candy into a cookie sheet filled with powdered sugar and then using scissors to cut the warm candy. Using powdered sugar has two advantages: one is that the candy seems to stay warm and pliable for a longer period of time, and two - the powdered sugar acts as a cushion resulting in the cut candy being pillow-like instead of flat.

How To Make Hard Candy Using Molds

LorAnn sells several types of candy molds: hard plastic molds, hard plastic two-piece molds, and plastic sheet molds. The only types of candy molds that are not suitable for hard candy use are the flexible rubber molds (these are used to make cream cheese and butter mints), and the clear plastic chocolate & soap molds.

For hard candy use, all molds need to be prepared before use. Hand wash all molds in warm, soapy water and dry thoroughly. After the molds have dried, lightly spray the mold cavities with cooking spray (we recommend PAM). If too much cooking spray accumulates in the cavities, simply wipe off the excess with a paper towel.

Insert sucker stick into mold*, making certain that one end extends to about the middle of the mold cavity. Pour candy into mold and allow to harden. Do not refrigerate. Your suckers should pop-out of the molds easily when the candy has hardened.*If using a two-piece plastic mold, prepare as instructed above and attach pieces together with clips provided. Pour candy into molds, and then add sucker sticks.